2014 Chevy Pickups Have an Amazing Five Available USB Ports

If you think having one USB port in a new vehicle is impressive, think again! General Motors is bringing out is 2014 Chevrolet trucks, and they have quite a few surprises in store. One of these nuggets is the fact that as many as five USB ports will be available!

What's one to do with five USB ports? Well, with all of the devices we cart around today, we're sure you could find uses for each of them! From Mp3 players to cellphones, camera, tablets, and more, they're rather useful for keeping you connected- especially since they can all both read and charge devices. There's unlimited potential here for people who work out of their vehicles.

One set of the ports is located under the climate controls (three, to be precise), while the other two are located inside the center console.  Just think of the possibilities! Even your passengers could charge their devices with this many ports.

In addition to the USB ports, there are also available DC outlets and household AC outlets. Drivers will no longer need to buy a cigarette lighter to add an additional USB port.

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