Say Hello to the New Chevrolet Concept Truck

The Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas annually reveals some amazing one-of-a-kind custom vehicles from all over the auto industry.  This year, our brand came to the show with a unique version of a truck that we have right here at Parkway Chevrolet, the 2014 Silverado 1500.

At a first glance the Cheyenne Concept that was unveiled at SEMA does not look like a Silverado, this being a result of new bumpers, tailgate and a sharp black paintjob with blue accents. In addition, the concept packs a massive 6.2-liter EcoTec3 V-8 engine, something that most of us didn’t even know could fit inside a 1500.

The additional inner workings for the Cheyenne concept are standard, with a powertrain that you would find right here in the model at our Houston, Texas area showroom.  Weight cuts were made by getting rid of the trailer hitch, spare tire and interior center console, and lighter carbon fiber materials replaced the bumpers and inner cargo box.

The most unique addition to the concept by Chevrolet was the inclusion of carbon ceramic brakes that you would find in a Camaro Z/28, giving the truck a sportier feel.

This concept is clearly meant for speed and play, instead of work like the standard models.  With a smaller body and lighter materials, the beastly engine offers the feathery truck a lot of acceleration and agility, and the brakes further compliment this package.

While the Cheyenne concept seems to be a one off model, we would warmly welcome it into the inventory of new Chevrolet vehicles we offer here in Tomball, Texas.  The engine surely fits our states go big or go home mentality, and it definitely looks like fun to drive, going right along with our towns motto that Tomball is Texan for Fun!

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